We help you get UX Jobs

We are a team of Designers & Design recruiters committed to help you get the job that’s right for you.

Why BayUX

We are a team of Designers & Design recruiters in UX space. We work along with you to understand the type of company and role you prefer. We help you with interview preparation, portfolio reviews, and help you get the best compensation.

Interview Preparation and Coaching

We will give you all the superpowers to nail the interview! With mock interviews, training and feedback we will empower you with more confidence.

Portfolio Feedback & Review

Need help with your portfolio? We have UX Design experts who will help you present your best portfolio for interviews. Prove your hard work and impress the interviewer.

Connect with a Mentor

Wouldn’t it be great to have an expert guide you in your career path? We have partnered with Design mentors and will connect you with a mentor who will help you identify growth opportunities to advance in your career.

Plus, $1000 bonus when you start a job through us

Do we need to say more? When you get a job through us we give you $1000 signing bonus. Use it to go to your next vacation or get that new shining widget.